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Mobile Science Labs (MSL) is a support program that delivers the necessary materials, supplies equipment and support personnel for the effective teaching of high school physics and chemistry laboratory activities.

MSL vans travel the region to provide in-class support for teachers through the use of a Mobile Instrumentation Van. The van carries all the materials, supplies and equipment needed by teachers to carry out state standards aligned chemistry or physics laboratory activities. The van is driven by a trained science professional.


During each visit the drivers deliver to the requesting teacher the equipment and materials for the experiment(s) to be conducted that day. The Van driver(s) are available to assist the teacher if so requested, but they do not replace the teacher.


The three objectives of Mobile Science Labs are to;



 (1) provide classroom equipment and support for implementation of the physics and chemistry laboratory curricula.



(2) develop and utilize laboratory curricula which address the state goals for learning



(3) implement professional development workshops for high school    chemistry and physics teachers





Mobile Science Labs-LA

6820 LaTijera Blvd. Suite 111

Los Angeles, CA 90045


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